ARCA's CEO, Dumitru Popescu, won the Grand Jury on May 11th, 2018. After Popescu's testimony and around 400 questions from the State’s prosecutor and 12 jurors, that lasted around 14 hours over the span of two days, the jurors returned a no bill, rejecting the indictment. Shortly after, the State prosecutor dismissed all 18 charges, consisting of various types of fraud and embezzlement, brought against him by the State of New Mexico.

To testify in front of a Grand Jury poses a great risk in case of a future trial, as the defendant uncovers their evidence and answers to the direct questions of prosecutor and jurors, in a secret proceeding, without the right to cross-examine of witnesses and without direct help from an attorney. Winning at the Grand Jury has an extremely low statistical probability. Despite the insurmountable odds, ARCA's CEO believed in his innocence, decided to take the risk and won. Popescu represented himself to the Grand Jury, after terminating his lawyer on April 30th, and was able to prove his innocence in court, ending the case before needing to go to trial.


May 9, 2018 - ARCA Resumes the Work on the Aerospike Rocket Engine

ARCA resumed the work on the aerospike engine technology that aims to ground and flight test the world's first linear aerospike rocket engine. This technology promises optimum efficiency of a rocket engine from sea level all the way to space, opening the door to the creation of Single Stage to Orbit vehicles that could dramatically reduce the cost of space access.

ARCA started the program at the beginning of 2017, but it was cut short with just two weeks before the engine test at Spaceport America, after ARCA's CEO Dumitru Popescu, was charged by the New Mexico Securities Division as a fugitive from justice with securities fraud. The CEO embattled this with no compromise and he has decided to prove in court that he is innocent.


March 21, 2018 - ARCA CEO Unveils Abuse of Power and Civil Rights Violations by New Mexico Agents

This Press Release is made with the intent to address attention to the abuse of power and civil rights violations of New Mexico Securities Division (NMSD) and Department of Homeland Securities (DHS) Las Cruces, New Mexico agents in the case of Dumitru Popescu, ARCA Space Corporation CEO.


November 15, 2017 - ARCA Dumitru Popescu arrest statement

ARCA Space Corporation will continue the development of its aerospace technology as scheduled. The company has full confidence in CEO Dumitru Popescu and expects him to lead the efforts. Mr. Popescu was charged in New Mexico state courts with alleged embezzlement and securities issues. However, Mr. Popescu maintains his innocence and expects to prevail in court proceedings. Meanwhile the work of the company will proceed with a goal of presenting a successful aerospike rocket engine.

ARCA Space will keep the public updated on the progress of the company.


September 20, 2017 - Demonstrator 3 aerospike engine ready to start tests

The ground test stand and aerospike engine for the Demonstrator 3 rocket are ready for tests at ARCA Space Corporation. The effort was completed in 60 days since the start of fabrication. The system will perform a series of ground tests that will ultimately qualify the engine for flight. After the ground tests, the same engine will be integrated into the Demonstrator 3 rocket that will perform a suborbital space flight up to an altitude of 120 km above the New Mexico desert. It will be the first ever flight of a linear aerospike engine and the first ever space flight of an aerospike engine. The engine, with a sea level thrust of 4.2 tons, uses hydrogen peroxide 70% as monopropellant. Despite low energy propellant, the rocket is able to reach space due to the use of an extremely lightweight tank and high efficiency aerospike engine.


June 15, 2017 - Demonstrator 3 aerospike test vehicle for the Haas 2CA will fly from Spaceport America

The Haas 2CA is a Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) rocket, that is using a linear aerospike rocket engine. The aerospike engine was extensively tested on the ground by NASA and Rocketdyne and it was a strong contender for the Space Shuttle. It was also part of NASA's Venture Star, a Single Stage to Orbit vehicle. Due to schedule and budget constraints, the Space Shuttle received a classic bell shaped nozzle engine and the Venture Star was canceled before getting to see an actual flight. Hence, the aerospike engine never saw a space flight to this day. In March 2017 however, ARCA Space Corporation, brought this technology back into the public's attention, by introducing the Haas 2CA Single Stage to Orbit rocket, equipped with the Executor Aerospike linear rocket engine.

Ground and vacuum tests are scheduled at ARCA and NASA's Johnson/WSTF for the Haas 2CA engine. However, ARCA wants to gather more data about how the aerospike technology performs in flight, before the launch of the Haas 2CA, scheduled for 2018 from NASA's Wallops Test Facility, in Virginia. This is where the Demonstrator 3 rocket comes in, continuing the tradition of ARCA's previous demonstrator rockets.

Demonstrator 3 will perform a suborbital space flight up to an altitude of 100 km above the New Mexico desert in August 2017.


March 29, 2017 - Haas 2CA Single Stage to Orbit announced

ARCA Space Corporation is announcing the Haas 2CA, an innovative orbital launcher capable of placing itself, along with its payload, entirely into low Earth orbit without using multiple stages like current space vehicles. This kind of vehicle is known as being Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO). The Haas 2CA, named after Austrian-Romanian medieval rocket pioneer Conrad Haas (1509-1579), uses a linear aerospike engine that is around 30% more fuel efficient than the current rocket engines. It also uses ARCA’s highly advanced composite material propellant tanks that were tested by the company in the past 18 years. The rocket is fueled by hydrogen peroxide and kerosene, non-cryogenic, nontoxic propellants. ARCA Space Corporation is collaborating with NASA's Kennedy, Ames, Wallops, Marshall, Stennis, and Johnson Space Centers for the Cooperative Opportunity Program, aiming to increase the flight readiness of the vehicle for the first flight scheduled in 2018 from Wallops Flight Facility. ARCA is also discussing with Spaceport America regarding the possibility to launch the Haas 2CA vehicle from New Mexico.












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