Is it difficult riding the ArcaBoard?

With the stabilization system turned on you will find riding on the ArcaBoard a very smooth experience. All you have to do is balance yourself and the board will provide a smooth stabilized experience. With the stabilization system turned off you will find it as easy as learning to ride on your first bicycle. It takes an estimated 20 minutes of flight to become comfortable with the motion of flying in the air. Your body movements will allow you to completely control the performance of the board that will leave your audience speechless.


Do I need a pilot license to ride it?

No, you don't need a pilot license to fly the ArcaBoard.


How does body weight influence endurance?

You have the option to choose between two ArcaBoard versions: the one dedicated to lighter riders of 80 kg (176 lbs), that will offer an autonomy of max. 6 minutes and one dedicated to heavier riders of 110 kg (243 lbs), that will allow you to fly for 3 minutes.


Do I need to wear a helmet and protections?

ARCA strongly recommends wearing proper headgear and body protective devices even when you fly with the stabilization system on.


What happens if I jump from the board while hovering?

ARCA does not encourage jumping from the board because injuries can occur. However, ArcaBoard has a built in protection based on proximity sensors that prevents itself from going up fast in case of sudden loss of weight.



What is the flying speed and range?

The ArcaBoard range is proportional with the traveling speed. This is limited with the onboard sensors, not to reach more than 20 km/h (12.5 mph). A rider not heavier than 80 kg (176 lbs), can fly on a distance up to two kilometers (more than a mile).


How high can I go?

ArcaBoard maximum height is limited by its onboard sensors to 30 cm (1 ft). This limitation was chosen because of safety reasons.


How do I recharge the batteries?

The off the box charger will allow you to recharge the ArcBoard in 6 hours. However, the ArcaDock accessory will bring the onboard batteries to full capacity in 60 min, faster than it takes to charge your smartphone or tablet without having to bother with cables. What you need to do is to put the ArcaBoard on the ArcaDock that is connected to a wall power socket and wait for 60 minutes. You'll be ready to go again in no time. During the flight, your phone application will show the remaining riding time.


Do the batteries overheat?

The batteries are one of the best quality available on the market, used by ARCA for its aerospace vehicles. We have never had a single problem with overheating batteries during a 10 years usage for this type. However, the built in sensors can detect the temperature rise and the phone will inform the rider to stop the flight.


What is the battery life cycle?

It is well known that all batteries degrade slightly during time and usage. ArcaBoard is using only high quality batteries, used by ARCA's aerospace products, that will keep a long life cycle. Upon request, the batteries could be changed by ARCA, either during the warranty time, or after that period. After the warranty time, the cost to change the batteries is $6,840.



Can I ride over various terrains?

You can fly the ArcaBoard over concrete, rocky terrain, water, mud or desert. There is no terrain that you can't pass over. Not even the rain can prevent the AcaBoard from flying.


What do I do if the ArcaBoard gets submerged?

If the ArcaBoard will end up submerged in water, the machine must be let to dry. Do not attempt to power it on if water is present inside.


What maintanance will I need?

Each ArcaBoard must be kept clean and dust and water free as much as possible. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner after each flight.
ArcaBoard is built to allow the owner to change any damaged part, if necessary. Just remove the bottom lid bolts and you will have access to all parts. These parts (Electric motors, controllers, batteries, etc) are provided by the factory upon request. Opening the ArcaBoard will not lead to the loss of warranty.


May I customize and tune up the ArcaBoard?

Customization and tuning the ArcaBoard isn't allowed. Any modification or tuning will lead to the loss of warranty. The protective casings, or other accessories aren't considered customization or tuning elements, and are allowed, as long as these are produced by an ARCA authorized producer.



What is the ArcaBoard made of?

The structure is made of aerospace grade composite materials. The Electric Ducted Fans are build of aluminum.


Why is the ArcaBoard an expensive product?

The ArcaBoard is produced into the United States, as a high-end, machine. Having 272 HP, it packs a huge amount of energy, to offer one of the most amazing riding experiences on the planet. It is also the first vehicle of it's kind in the history, so the technology is still expensive. ARCA is working diligently to decrease the cost of this product in the years to come. Also, the ArcaBoard components are state of the art, like the aerospace grade composite materials, high performance aluminum built Electric Ducted Fans, motor controllers and batteries that were borrowed directly from our aerospace vehicles, that were flown into space environment.


Do I get waranty?

The ArcaBoard comes with a 6 months warranty against defects. Any defect part will be replaced for free by the company during the 6 months warranty. The cost of the parts damaged by the consumer will not be supported by the company.














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